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Friends Cut/Reverse Friends Cut

I just removed a few people. If you were cut and would like to be re-added, comment here.

Also, if you want to do the opposite and remove me, then feel free to. (Not that I need to remind you of that since you always have that option. xD;) It was nice being friends while it lasted. ♥
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Friends Cut

90 friends just got cut down to 70. It wasn't as big of a cut as I was expecting.

Don't take it personally if I removed you. People were cut if:

  • The journal hadn't been updated for a while with no warning of a hiatus, vacation, etc.

  • We never talked to each other.

  • There was a lack of common interests.

  • This is horrible of me-- but if I'd forgotten how the two of us had come to adding each other in the first place. I'm pretty sure there was only one person removed because of this.

If you were removed and would like to be re-added, feel free to send me a message or comment here.

And like always, if you weren't removed and would like to be, then.. uh, de-friend me? xD;

To see if you've been cut or not, just look at my journal. If you can't see the majority of my entries, you're no longer on my f-list.
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Friends Cut

So my friend count just went from 65 to 41. |D;;

People were cut if:

-I had no idea who they were.
-We no longer had anything in common.
-Their journal was dead.

This is public, so if you see this, were one of the ones cut, and would like to be re-added, leave a comment.

Or if you would LIKE to be cut, simply comment to tell me.


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